While Buddhism and psychedelic experimentation share a common concerm, the liberation of the mind, Zig Zag Zen is both a celebration, and a cautionary tale.

With a foreword by renowned Buddhist scholar Stephen Batchelor and a preface by historian of religion Huston Smith, along with numerous essays and interviews, Zig Zag Zen is a provocative and thoughtful exploration of altered states of consciousness and the potential for transformation.

Accompanying each essay is a work of visionary art selected by artist Alex Grey, such as a vividly graphic work by Robert Venosa, a contemporary thangka painting by Robert Beer, and an exercise in emptiness in the form of an enso by a 17th-century Zen abbot.

Packed with enlightening entries and art that lie outside the scope of mainstream anthologies, Zig Zag Zen offers eye-opening insights into alternate methods of inner exploration.

... a treasure trove— inspiring, frightening, powerful, funny, eye-opening, and a source of great wisdom on a subject that our society finds endlessly confusing.

    --Mark Epstein

... shines by its fairness: its authors squarely face the Zig as well as the Zag. That's Zen at its best.

    --David Steindl-Rast

... a must read for anyone who is concerned about the future of Buddhist practice.

    --Bob Thurman

... touches all the high points... it is an important book.

    --Laura Huxley

... challenges Western Buddhists to acknowledge their closeted psychedelic legacies, while confronting users with the troubling duality undermining any chemically dependent spiritual path.

    --Douglas Rushkoff

Edited by Allan Hunt Badiner
Images Edited by Alex Grey
Foreword by Stephen Batchelor
Preface by Huston Smith
Introduction by Allan Hunt Badiner
30 color photographs and images -- 240 pages
$24.95 Hardcover






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